Tri and Give a Dam: the new 2012 World Record

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Back in 2010, we were excited that James Lawrence not only broke the world record for most completed half-Ironman distance events in a single year (he completed 22!), but that he raced that entire year carrying the name of Quiet Way and spreading the message of our mission to improve water resource management in Kenya.  Many thought the task would be too physically taxing for James to pull off – but he smashed all doubt by gracefully racing each event and finishing in top physical condition.

Well, James is at it again, except in 2012, he will be breaking the world record for FULL Ironman-distance races.  Each race is 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling, and a full marathon run.  James will be completing 30 of these events in under 52 weeks.  It’s never been done before, but we have faith!

Last weekend James completed his first full Ironman in Naples, Florida…but he didn’t just complete the race, he got first place overall.  Way to go James!  And thanks for all of the support you’ve given to Quiet Way!!!
James is just another of those amazing people who are using their talents and gifts to make the world a better place!  Thanks to all do-gooders in the world, and we’re cheering you on James! 

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