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Quiet Way invests in the women of tomorrow…. especially those little ones who are in dire circumstances  but aspire to be a Princess.      

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What do princess dream about

Our qualitative in-depth interviews with mothers and their young daughters show that they share deep, symbolic attitudes and behaviors around what it means to be a princess.  In comparing the beliefs and lifestyles across the generations we find the archetype has remained very constant and unchanged.  If anything the concept of a princess has become more diva-like and certainly more materialistic.  More than just a spurious correlation we have found a troubling connection between this materialistic/diva princess and a low body image and increased eating disorder, depression, and low self-concept.  Among those mothers and daughters that have participated in a Princess Festival event and have latched onto the Princess Festival  “true” princess definition, they are much more educated and open to having the critical conversations in their homes. The Princess Festival is a powerful, transformative intervention to update the princess archetype.

Sterling A. Bone
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Huntsman School of Business
Utah State University

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