Put Some Money To Work

I have a billionaire friend who makes $100 million per year. Conversely, I lost everything in the recession of


When we have lunch it’s still in his nature to see if I will pay for the meal.

What’s wrong with that picture?Adelide - croppedAdelide - cropped

How about a few crumbs for human beings who drink muddy water each day or who dream about being a princess but can’t brush their teeth until Walmart opens?

If you aren’t in a position to get your hands dirty (see above) but would like to help. Follow the lead of Christian and Victoria. Christian works for a national company who matches his $50 donation every month. He donates regularly and so does his employer for another $50. And just like that, we can deliver books to another library, provide training for 3 more women in the Business Development Operation, or buy a few more bags of cement for the next dam.

Make that a $10,000 donation for the 2014-2015 program at JKWBI and we’ll name a program after you for the year …. And we will video tape students thanking you personally.

For everyone who donates in the year 2014, (up until the work mission in September), we will put your name on two

glass balls. One we will put in a new permanent display at the Asembo Orphan Feeding Center … and a composite one we

will attempt to place it on the top of the highest mountain in Africa …. Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Sponsor a Child to be able to attend the Princess Festival

$25 sends a dreaming princess and her parent to the Festival

$50 sends her … plus … her two sisters and a parent to the Festival





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