Get Your Share Of Hugs

Get your hands dirty.

Join us on our next trip to Kenya for the ground breaking of the James Lawrence Dam site. We also have work to do at the Orphan Feeding Center and at the Women Business Center. We’re forming a 10 day work trip in September. (Details will be posted on our Facebook page

Join us at one of the Princess Festivals and bring some children who would not likely be able to attend such an empowering and enriching event.

Hold a fun fund raising event like Sylvie and Gen did. Donate the money to QW so we can pay for that dam, pull another woman (and her family) out of the Kibera Slum and/or provide tickets to teach Princess Power (Service) to more beautiful little girls burdened with cancer, living in a box truck, and/or who otherwise suffer through no fault of their own.


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