Africa, Our Current Project for June 2017

Our Current Project scheduled for  June 2017


Kids with their shepherd


Our next mission to Africa is in the planning stages right now.  We love volunteer helpers and support on these trips.  If you interested in joining us please contact Ron… .

We built two dams in 2010 and now it’s time to get a bulldozer on site and ‘scoop out’ any sediment and enlarge the basins of those two dams.

In addition we are working with the government of Makueni / Kibwezi area where drought is frequent and persistent to build two new dams, including the Iron Cowboy Dam.

The most fun however will be in the Western District where most of our staff is located…. Kakamega and Asembo, Kenya.

Here we plan to engage the children on a personal level and let them have some fun competing for resources for their schools.  The last time we assisted the 22 public schools in the area we distributed two ocean shipping containers full of books.  This time we’re providing library readers for the elementary schools that they select from Wholesale suppliers in Nairobi.

Contests, Adventures, a Princess Ball, making quilts with orphans and a movie in the non-electrified rural area on the side of a church…   all in just a 10 day trip (including travel days).   Click here for more details:





Give-a-Dam in Kibwazi, Kenya

The Give-a-Dam project was designed to help manage the monsoon and drought cycle in the dry areas of Kenya. We build dams across the seasonal waterways to catch the monsoon season waters and store them for use when the inevitable drought season follows. We employ many people in the community to help build them (and it adds a little
economic boost to the area as well).

This year we want to pick the site with our engineers and start the James Lawrence, Guinness World Record Holder of the famous Iron Man distance triathlon. His fans have contributed money to get this dam under way. It will be in the vicinity of the Kibwazi district of Kenya.




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